IT Department

The Challenge

While moving the organization forward, IT needs to safeguard access to legacy information in a way that doesn’t break the bank or detract from more important strategic activities.

The Solution

Money-saving, reliable, and compliant, our solutions are based on decades of experience in tape/data engineering.

In today’s world of data security and compliance, IT has never been more strategic.

Today’s IT professional is an integral part of operational and business strategy. The primary challenge is how to deploy critical resources to the programs that create the most value and future vision of the business.

TDS solutions keep your organization moving forward so you don't have to worry about the valuable information you are leaving behind.

  • Proven, repeatable and defensible data management solutions

  • Meeting Legal, Risk and Compliance requirements

  • Over 30 years of experience, unrivaled in the industry

  • Available on project-basis, and uniquely, as a managed service

Tape Restoration Services

Being asked to drive cost from your legacy backup environment? Upgrading your tape backup platform? Moving backups to disk or the cloud? Consolidating data centers?

TDS Tape Restoration Services ensure secure and compliant access to data from every backup and tape format.

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Email Migration Services

Migrating your email platform to a new provider? Moving email to the cloud? Email is a valuable asset that makes your company tick - often the target of compliance initiatives, eDiscovery events, etc.

Migrating data between proprietary email platforms in not an easy task. Not only because the process of email migration needs to be fully auditable, but also because there are no two platforms alike. TDS has successfully met this challenge hundreds of times, and on every email platform in the market.

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Voice Compliance Management

Are your voice recordings locked in a proprietary format? Are they accessible in the event of a compliance or discovery request?

TDS voice-recovery solutions are provided by engineers with deep experience in voice-logger media processing. Our exclusive tools allow us to target and recover specific groups of voice recordings, and transfer them directly into compliance processes or eDiscovery software platforms.

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