Compliance Department

The Challenge

Today, compliance requirements are more complex than ever. How do you ensure your organization complies with external regulation?

In today’s increasingly regulated environment ensuring your organization implements and maintains adequate controls is becoming an ever more complex task.

The Solution

TDS provides effective data management services, particularly in respect of legacy data platforms, in support of compliance and risk management that ultimately results in lowering data management costs and reducing associated risks.

Compliance Officers are increasingly working in conjunction with Legal and I.T. teams to identify and classify data and develop frameworks and processes that meet Regulatory requirements.

Typically such processes are designed to implement reasonable procedures to preserve - or delete - relevant material and ensure the ability to deliver critical information to key Business stakeholders on time.

  • Where and how are different data types stored?

  • Can the business locate and retrieve required data in time?

  • Is the business effectively implementing and adhering to retention and deletion policies?

  • Are the processes resilient and routinely tested?

  • Is there a 'Plan B' in the event of internal process failure?

Failure to implement and manage robust policies and processes can result in significant penalties, reputational damage and business disruption.

TDS offers the most comprehensive range of data management services designed to address the challenges of providing cost-effective access to legacy data, via certified, compliant and legally defensible solutions. 

Whether your challenge is the development of a defensible deletion plan, the ability to respond accurately to e-Discovery requests in a timely and cost effective manner or moving legacy data to a new platform that better meets your organizations information management objectives TDS can help solve these challenges.

Whether these challenges involve data stored on legacy backup tape, in older on-premise email archives or on proprietary EOL voice logger platforms we have the solution.

Tape Service Offering

Strategic Tape Discovery: Whether your data is stored within an on premise email archive, on backup tapes or on audio tape formats, our Strategic Tape Discovery program provides for an iterative and defensible plan to determine what legacy data needs to be maintained and what can be destroyed.

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Restoration Assurance Program: If you need to maintain access to legacy tape data in the event the business moves to a new backup platform, Restoration Assurance Program provides a cost effective and future-proofed solution for identifying and accessing legacy tape data via the provision of a proven, legally defensible managed service.

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Email Archive Migration

TDS offers archive migration managed services that reduce risk and the costs associated with risk producing auditable, reliable, predictable results on time, on budget every time.

Not limited by a singular software tool, TDS has employed adaptable technical solutions in order to perform hundreds of successful migrations.

With a team comprised of early industry pioneers with more combined hands-on experience than any other group in the world, archive migrations are performed by specialists with deep rooted experience in the archive migration space.

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Voice Compliance Management

TDS delivers legacy voice data defensibly and often at vast scale into Compliance or e-Discovery processes for large corporations around the world.

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