• IT Department

    Today’s IT challenges of managing the storage and availability of the sheer volume of corporate data, the ever-increasing influx of unstructured data (e.g. audio/voice) or semi-structured data (e.g. email), against generally flat IT budgets - coupled with the need to design, deliver and manage an infrastructure that meets ever-expanding Legal, Compliance and Regulatory requirements, demands that IT departments focus on today’s and tomorrow’s business solutions.

    Looking backwards to legacy tape environments delivers it’s own distinct challenges. Discover how TDS can help reduce the associated costs and risks…

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  • Compliance Department

    From an information Management standpoint, particularly Electronically Stored Information, Compliance Officers are increasingly working in conjunction with Legal and I.T. teams to identify and classify data and develop frameworks and processes that meet Regulatory requirements.

    Typically such processes are designed to implement reasonable procedures to preserve (or delete) relevant material and ensure the ability to deliver critical information to key Business stakeholders on time.

    Discover how TDS works with organizations to deliver compliant data management solutions in respect of Backup Tape, Voice Recording and eMail Archiving platforms…

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  • Legal Department

    An increasingly regulated business environment, resulting in record levels of investigations, demands that organisations ensure they are able to react fully, accurately and speedily to Legal Disclosure / eDiscovery requests – or face potentially significant fines or damage to reputation.

    Where such investigations require accessing legacy tape data TDS works with key business stakeholders to deliver proven, efficient and legally defensible solutions that deliver critical information on time.

    Discover how TDS can reduce associated costs, risks and timeframes associated with eDiscovery requests…

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