Backup Tape Services

Your Global Tape Restoration & Processing Partner

Trusted Data Solutions has the expertise and ability to restore every backup tape format, optical disk format and logical format that has been commercially available over the past 30 years.

Our core capabilities and experience involving the restoration of backup data is unparalleled in the industry. Our talented group has been recognized as the leading subject matter experts in this area combining the technical expertise to “crack” any format with the engineering skills to scale these capabilities for large volume restoration projects.

Restoration Assurance ProgramTM

Whether you are looking to retire your legacy backup tape environment or simply migrate from a legacy environment to a new backup tape environment, TDS can offer you the assurance that your legacy backup tapes can be properly, cost effectively, and defensibly restored without having to maintain the legacy equipment.


Restoration Assurance ProgramTM  (RAP) provides the peace of mind that legacy backup tapes can be restored without the ongoing need to maintain the corresponding backup software and hardware.


At TDS, we work with our clients to assure them that their data is accessible. Allow TDS to become an extension of your Information Technology team.


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Strategic Tape Discovery

TDS Strategic Tape Discovery is a tape indexing and high-level content detection program that allows organizations to proactively prepare for and be able to respond to a litigation event or regulatory investigation.


By implementing a Strategic Tape Discovery program, companies stand to benefit by mitigating data management risks and costs associated with risks of maintaining Electronically Stored Information (ESI) they are not obligated to keep.


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Any Backup, Any Media, at Any Time...

Trusted Data Solutions can restore, index and process every backup tape format, optical disk format, and logical format that has been in commercial use over the past 30 years. This includes ALL major backup software systems and versions.

The TDS development group has extensive experience in these systems and has developed customized non-native solutions to efficiently access and restore these formats in a technically sound and legally defensible process.

Why TDS...

Our Tape Restoration Services enables you to avoid extended restorations or searches that can slow down business-critical internal projects or, in the case of litigation, result in steep fines, greater legal scrutiny, and a tarnished public image.

We employ vetted, defensible and cost effective processes to restore data from a wide range of file types stored on virtually any tape format. Every restoration request is managed by one of our trained technician, teamed with a dedicated project manager who provides frequent updates throughout the project - from collection and transportation of media with chain of custody to final reporting.